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This work concerns the building of a new, private, non-profit, liberal medical healthcare facility, regrouping the 3 establishments -ADASSA, Diaconat and Sainte-Odile – housed in the same building structure.
This new RHENA clinic will be the first part of the construction of an authentic medical Campus on 4.6 ha.
The project will come to fruition through working in close partnership with the medical community from the 3 clinics, whose input will contribute to the detailed technical planning, thus contributing to the architectural and technical studies.
The project is distinctive in that it is a highly scalable project offering expansion opportunities across the whole site.
The M&G GROUP is responsible for the planning and client support on the organisational, technical, functional and legal levels.

Key figures

Surface area: 30.000 m²
Beds: 373 beds and stations – 23 operation theatres
Client: GCS Adassa, Diaconat – Clinique de Strasbourg
Total overall project cost ex-VAT: 101 M €
Project schedule: 2011-2016
Project Manager: A-I-A
Programmiste & AMO : M&G GROUP