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Case study

Within the framework of its reconstruction plan, this establishment opted for an ambitious project with the key intention of achieving a sustainable development that improved the quality of life of both residents and care staff.
To achieve this, the EPHAD hired a multidisciplinary Project Management Support team, that is, the M&G GROUP, and used a competitive dialogue procedure to finalise a emphyteutic administrative lease.
The works were carried out in 2 phases over 38 months. The first phase was delivered at the end of 2011.

Key figures

Surface area: 14,000 m² – 214 beds
Number of units: 2 Alzheimer units
Partnership: Public-Private
Public entity: Harcourt residential care home
Lessor: La Duchesse d’Harcourt
Montant HT des travaux : 33 M€
Période d’opération : 2007-2013
Maître d’œuvre : BROSSY & ASSOCIES
Assistant à la personne publique & Programmiste : M&G GROUP