Key figures

3 000 satisfied customers
300 000 m2 of building works in 2014




Auditing 10%
Advisory 17%
Financial and legal arrangements 8%
Project management support 65%


Group history

Frank Martin

Frank Martin

1965 : Yvon Guiheneuf, a trained quantity surveyor who was working as a cost controller at APHP, first set up the company and quickly began to focus on medical sector developments.
1989 : Frank MARTIN – Civil engineer (ESTP Paris) joined his uncle Yvon Guiheneuf in the family business, which then became Martin & Guiheneuf.
1990 – 2000 : With his extensive engineering skills, Frank Martin quickly expanded the business, broadening its competencies to support and consulting services.
The team grew and by the beginning of 2000 there was 20 people working together in the Group.
The company adapts its competencies and services to better suit market requirements2007 : Constantly attentive to client needs within a fast-changing and increasingly difficult regulatory environment and in order to position itself as close as possible to project managers at every key stage of their building projects, across all sectors, the company adapted its core competencies to real market needs.
The company hires highly-skilled and honed experts: bio-medical engineers, legal consultants, urban planners and others and engage the best professionals in their expert fields (consultant doctors, lawyers, financial consultants etc)
2014 : With the expansion of its activities, Martin & Guiheneuf becomes the M&G Group, an independent and human-sized group, committed to the excellence of its teams and to client satisfaction.